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What is Braceworks?

The Braceworks™ add-on for Vectorworks Spotlight and Designer provides design, production and rigging professionals with an easy way to gauge the performance of temporary structures under load. We use Braceworks to help with load calculations, which in turn, dictates what rigging equipment to use.

What is rigging?

Rigging is a job that requires a well-trained team of technicians, a solid planning process, and accurate execution. Rigging is the process of setting up different types of event equipment on a variety of event structures (trusses) either manually, by cranes, or hoists. Since we use such an extensive inventory of entertainment rigging hardware for our rigging activities we use Braceworks in Vectorworks to create the extensive paperwork needed for a smooth event load-in.

What are the requirements for a large event?

These trusses bear the weight of massive speaker units, dozens of moving lights, hanging LED screens, staging sets, and any else that is in the air during your event. We feel that paperwork is vital to run smooth entertainment rigging calls. There are so many rigging equipment components involved that paperwork is the only way to keep it all up to industry standards. Event Safety is of utmost importance and

What is the problem?

When dealing with a hotel ballroom that has several single eye-bolt rig points each one carries a load rating. Braceworks helps calculate the loads on the truss and how that load is distributed across all the eye-bolts they’re hanging from.

What are the requirements for load and structure calculations?

Regulatory requirements, such as the Eurocodes, and increasing requirements from venues, municipalities, and building owners, are making it necessary for event design, A/V, and rigging companies to produce load and structure calculations for sign off by structural engineers.

What can Braceworks do for you?

With Braceworks, you can: Analyze complete 3D structural systems Conduct static analyses and FEM analysis with results that display graphically on the model for easy reference Automatically generate detailed calculation reports Export files as DSTV to easily share information

What are the benefits of Braceworks?

If you’re an event designer, production manager, rigging professional, or you run a venue requiring truss loads or rigging, you’ll get great value out of Braceworks. Our ETCP Certified Riggers use this structural analysis software to help figure out the dynamic loadings all the gear inflicts upon the convention center or hotel ballroom ceilings when the gear is in motion. While we use the software to create our rigging plots quickly, we tend to double check those calculations by hand and add a margin of error as needed.

What types of events do you serve?

Our members are experts in a variety of event types that could require rigging activities: corporate events and meetings, conferences, festivals and concerts, trade shows and exhibitions, product launches, weddings, or events in houses of worship.

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