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What We Do

Drafting Services

We offer the following services: Drafting room layouts for various sized events including corporate meetings held in hotel ballrooms, convention center breakout rooms and main exhibit halls. Drafting exhibit booth...

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Light System Plots

Light plots are essentially a map of where all your lighting gear needs to be placed within the venue. They contain information as to what lighting units are being specified...

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Event Drawings Logo

Rigging rigging layouts are checked by ETCP certified riggers to confirm that they contain appropriately calculated load numbers. As always, it will ultimately be up to the in-house riggers to...

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Event Design

EVENT DESIGN Our team have years of production design experience. If you’re looking for custom designs that create an environment in which your event takes place, we have the designers...

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Recognized VW Trainer Scott C. Parker You can do all this on your own if you wish. We offer free how-to tips and paid training. Scott is a recognized Vectorworks...

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Our “Pre-Viz” services run the gamut from napkin sketches to fully rendered realistic representation of what an event should look like when the client walks in the door. Our point...

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