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LED Walls

As LED wall systems become more prevalent it is vitally important not to underestimate how much they weigh and how much space they are ground support systems can take up.
The first choice organizers need to make is what size wall do you need for your event. Depending on the video wall size desired, you will then be able to explore whether you can ground support the wall, or whether you’ll need to use overhead rigging.
Ground supporting takes up a certain amount of real estate on the floor and the venue will be to be consulted as to the loadbearing capacity of said floor.
Suspending from overhead allows for much taller walls and you can avoid losing the bottom few feet that are often hidden by stages. The catch? These can become extremely heavy and many venues may not have the load rating capacity required to support them.

We can help you figure out various approaches and with the help of venue authorized rigging companies and/or engineers to find the best solutions for your event.