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Thank You! Greetings,I truly appreciate your visiting this page and considering writing a testimonial about the quality of my work. As you have hopefully seen I do my best to create documents that have all the details needed to make quick work of load in and set up. I do this for a few reasons. You don’t find yourself on-site missing gear. You are able to quickly discern where gear… Read More »Testimonial Submission Page

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Rigging Calculations for Venue Approval rigging layouts are checked by ETCP certified riggers to confirm that they contain appropriately calculated load numbers. As always, it will ultimately be up to the in-house riggers to make final determinations and approvals, our drawings contain enough detail about the gear being used and the anticipated weight load of each rigging point that minimal revisions are rarely requested.

Scale Ruler Worksheet

How to use a scale ruler and our practice worksheet.

Using a scale ruler to measure and mark drawings with needed measurements is an important skill to master for anyone working on technical drawings. Open Form Transcript.So on the scale ruler worksheet, we’re going to take our scale ruler. For those of you that have this one here, we have your 1″ scale, 1/2″ scale and 1/4″ scale. There are different scales on this piece of paper. We’re going to… Read More »How to use a scale ruler and our practice worksheet.

Using Vectorworks with Fire Marshal Plans

Using Vectorworks with Fire Marshal Plans to figure out required paths of egress and aisle spacing. If you would like work create your own seating layouts with Vectorworks, this tutorial is the first of several covering how to read the regulations when working on seating layouts.