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Fire Marshal Plans

Using Vectorworks with Fire Marshal Plans

Using Vectorworks with Fire Marshal Plans to figure out required paths of egress and aisle spacing. If you would like work create your own seating layouts with Vectorworks, this tutorial is the first of several covering how to read the regulations when working on seating layouts.

Seating Layouts for the Fire Marshal and/or AHJ

Fire Marshal Rules require detailed plans that primarily show routes of egress should there be an emergency such as a fire. Properly laying out seating according to the house rules is vitally important so that you don’t show up with the nasty surprise of the Fire Marshal closing down your event.

Fire Marshal plans

The buck stops with the fire marshal and/or the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Each venue is required to follow, at minimum, the fire codes of the NEC (National Electrical Code) and many jurisdictions may have enhanced requirements adhering to local regulations. The best way to remain on their good side is to have clear and substantial documentation showing your layout and egress plans. Once we receive the presenters packet from… Read More »Fire Marshal plans