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July 2020

Seating Layouts for the Fire Marshal and/or AHJ

Fire Marshal Rules require detailed plans that primarily show routes of egress should there be an emergency such as a fire. Properly laying out seating according to the house rules is vitally important so that you don’t show up with the nasty surprise of the Fire Marshal closing down your event.

Our Service

Drafting and drawing for the entertainment and event industry. We offer a selection of predefined equipment and seating layouts that work for various size events held in relatively standard ballrooms. We also offer custom drafting services to suit just about any event and venue. Simply choose a room size and seating layout that’s close to your needs.

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Rigging rigging layouts are checked by ETCP certified riggers to confirm that they contain appropriately calculated load numbers. As always, it will ultimately be up to the in-house riggers to make final determinations and approvals, our drawings contain enough detail about the gear being used and the anticipated weight load of each rigging point that minimal revisions are rarely requested.

Light System Plots

Light plots are essentially a map of where all your lighting gear needs to be placed within the venue. They contain information as to what lighting units are being specified along with all those channel numbers, colors, electrical circuits, and more to make them all work. Whether ground supported or rigged overhead, our drawings can show you the anticipated light coverage upon your stage, as well as, where the shadows… Read More »Light System Plots

LED Walls

As LED wall systems become more prevalent it is vitally important not to underestimate how much they weigh and how much space they are ground support systems can take up.The first choice organizers need to make is what size wall do you need for your event. Depending on the video wall size desired, you will then be able to explore whether you can ground support the wall, or whether you’ll… Read More »LED Walls

Audio Systems

Building audio layout plots involves calculating speaker coverage so that each attendee will be able to adequately hear your presentations. We can provide you with audio coverage maps to show that all the seats in your seating sections are adequately covered.  

Fire Marshal plans

The buck stops with the fire marshal and/or the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Each venue is required to follow, at minimum, the fire codes of the NEC (National Electrical Code) and many jurisdictions may have enhanced requirements adhering to local regulations. The best way to remain on their good side is to have clear and substantial documentation showing your layout and egress plans. Once we receive the presenters packet from… Read More »Fire Marshal plans


Events come in all shapes and sizes and we can offer you the gamut of design and/or “engineering” drawings. Audio system layouts. Speaker placements, wiring diagrams, etc. Video projection system layouts including screens and projectors. LED wall systems. Stage Layouts Lighting system plots Rigging system design and prelim engineering paperwork.

Exhibit Booths

Our staff have been to too many conferences and conventions to count. We are well-versed in exhibitor booths of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. We can take your hand-drawn napkin sketches and convert them into scale drawings using whatever equipment and specifications your suppliers provide. Expo centers often show an increased level of respect and cooperation when clients submit in scale drawings with full dimensions shown.

Room Layouts

We do custom room layouts all day long. To save you money, we also have a wide verity of pre-drawn room layouts as well. These would need a simple update of the title block to reflect the show’s information.